Brand New School: Surrealist Dollhouse

This piece has been out for a while but I’ve never gotten around to posing it.  Another spot for fuel involving a flying through a a surrealist ride through a a dollhouse with nods towards skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.  I had my hand involved w/ texturing, lighting/lookdev and composite.

Software: Maya, Nuke, Photoshop

BNS: Mitchum

I was a compositor on a fun 3 part campaign for Mitchum at Brand New School.

Framestore: Smurfs

This last Friday I finished up my contribution to the VFX work on Smurfs at Framestore. It was really great getting to know the team, learning the tools and working on some pretty cool stuff.  Finishing up an 8 + month bookings was a little sad, but I hope to see everybody soon, if anything on the 4 square court.  I was able to work in both the commercial and film departments contributing to modeling, texture work, fur, lighting and compositing.

Nintendo: Mario Vs. Donkey Kong — Mini Land Mayhem


My first gig at Framestore has released.  Mario Vs. Donkey Kong for the Nintendo DS.  I think the job turned out great.  I helped with modeling, texturing, shader dev, lighting and comping.

Fuel: Catalyst


Fuel Catalyst, created at Brand New School in NYC.   I worked as a shot lead from the design phase through completion.

The Mill: Seventh Generation

This was a fun little project that I was able to help out on at The Mill.  The task, creating of a spherical shaped house for seventh generation.  As Seventh Generation is known for their environmentally friendly cleaning supplies they thought it would be cool to have a house the shape of the world.

Leonardo Castelao


While browsing ffffound I came across Leandro’s work.  He has a way of simplifying objects down to their most basic form.  His animal illustrations remind like a modern Charile Harper.

The Mill: Craftsman

I recently finished a spot for Craftsman at The Mill.  Check out the spot here.

Jonny Wan


I was browsing through and I happened across one of the striking images from Jonny Wan. I love the colors, the textures cropped within simple shapes and his defined style.

The Foundry: Nuke Tutorials


YouTube Channel w/ free nuke tutorials.  Looks like a great resource.  There is an especially interesting video about Nuke being used for the compositing of District 9.